Trying to register……

Technical Difficulties.  For some reason I am having trouble with the website.  If you want to register for the River Valley 100 – go to the “About” page and NOT the “Registration” page.  The “About” page should get you registered.

100 mile and 100 kilometer routes

The routes for the 100 mile paved ride and the 100 kilometer ride are now on the route page.  If you haven’t already – you will need Strava to see the routes.  If you haven’t already, please register as soon as you can so you can ride with us next Sunday, August 28th.

Come ride the scenic river valleys of south central Minnesota.  Yeehaw!


Food options

EllieGail’s in Elysian is again hosting a lunch stop for the riders.  Lunch specials are $6-$7.  So bring some money.  For the paved riders it will be at about Mile 45.  And for the gravel riders at Mile 32 you will need to detour 2.7 miles into Elysian on the Sakatah Trail.  As I understand, the gravel racers aren’t stopping.IMG_0274